Introducing Metabolic Multi

Metabolism hametabolic multis recently become a very important topic. As our food sources and activity levels have changed over time, so too have the success of our metabolic functions. It is now estimated that one in three adults live with metabolic syndrome – a combination of risk factors including high blood sugar and imbalanced cholesterol levels.

We knew we had to create a supplement to support healthy metabolism and energy balance for our customers.* We didn’t want a typical weight management formula, but instead a multivitamin and mineral supplement that offers more—real support for healthy metabolic functions. Metabolic Multi was born.*

A vegetarian, gluten free tablet featuring 38 nutrients, Metabolic Multi supports a wide range of metabolic health factors, including those that can contribute to Metabolic Syndrome.*

One of its most distinct characteristics is the inclusion of Phytosome complexes.

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Why Drink Water? Detox, for Starters!

Everyone’s heard that you must hydrate when you’re sick. But why hydrate when you’re healthy? One big reason: water helps you detox–by helping to form the liquids that carry normal toxins out of your body, effectively flushing your system while maintaining the lubrication your body needs to function smoothly.

Water can help cleanse your digestive system and encourage fluid circulation, which will help you eliminate wastes on a more regular basis – and generally feel good.

With detox on the mind, we looked back at our guest writer Karen’s tips for water haters – and her reminders of why hydration matters.

By Karen Sturtevant

Zippy and Zoey are my Russian tortoises. Their lineage originates from the dry, arid regions of Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and the Soviet territory, Kazakhstan. They can go days, even weeks, without water. turtles water

What liquid they do get comes primarily from their diet of deep greens (kale, spinach, Romaine lettuce).  I give them a bath once a week and if thirsty, will drink then. They don’t have access to water and don’t care much for it when it is offered to them. You and I are not tortoises and need water for survival and to function at our best.

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Top 3 Home Remedies for Allergies

allergy reliefFeeling under the weather? Us too – and we mean that literally. Allergy season is here, and we’re doing everything we can to keep them at bay.

But what if you’ve tried everything you can think of, and you’re still not experiencing the relief you’re seeking?

These three home remedies are a little on the strange side, but they’re tried and true.

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7 Physical Health Challenges Associated with Adult Autism

adult autism health We often talk about Autism in children and about social challenges that accompany the disorder. But have you ever wondered which physical health concerns correlate with Autism in adults? You aren’t alone.

As reported by Maureen Salamon, Kaiser Permanente researchers  found that, based on a comparison of prevalence of diagnoses among 2,100 adults with an autism spectrum disorder to 21,000 adults without the disorder, those with an Autism diagnosis showed higher rates of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, as well as higher rates of physical ailments.

The team had examined medical records from 2008-2012. Reporters highlighted the following seven findings on physical health challenges:

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Can Your Supplements Support Behavior Balance?

behavior balance supplementCognitive function and brain health are on our minds this Autism Awareness Month. And we’re always proud to share that DaVinci’s pioneer product, DMG, has proven to be an important part of the supplement regimens of many families whose lives Autism has touched.

DMG is actually a precursor to many of the amino acids and neurotransmitters that aid in brain and nerve function.* It helps the body adapt to various forms of stress and supports immune system wellness.* Based on 20 years of extensive research into its benefits and safety, DaVinci has been awarded three U.S. patents on DMG.

Perhaps more important than this, though, are anecdotal reports of DMG’s benefits. It has been reported to modify and improve behavior, eye contact, social interaction, verbal skills and alertness.* It may also reduce lethargy, acting as an energy supportive nutrient.*

We saw what DMG meant and decided to offer another formula that provided more ingredients to work together to support balanced behavior patterns  Behavior Balance-DMG* was born.

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What’s in it for me? The Big Benefits of Kefir

Trendy superfoods have been coming and going in and out of the spotlight for decades. But kefir is different. It has true staying power.

It’s one of the oldest products of its type (cultured milk) in existence. Kefir has been sold as kefir drink since 1908 in Moscow, and it keeps its spot on our health-food radar for a bunch of reasons.

In fackefir milk recipet, many people believe that the origin of the word kefir is the word “keyif”, which refers to the “good feeling” you’ll get after drinking or eating it.

So, what is it?

Kefir is a grain, but is more popularly known as a drink, a fermented milk product made from using the kefir grains as a yeast/bacterial starter. You can buy it pre-made or make it at home. Continue reading

Three All-in-One Supplements for Your Spring

DV-DB ultraMoving from winter to spring, we’re always looking for simple supplement solutions. We’re thinking strategically: how do we get the most out of one formula? Which ones are good to take on the go? How do we get everything done and still have time to stay on top of our health?

So this week, we decided to take a closer look at our favorite comprehensive supplement choices. These choices are all-in-ones, but they’re still specific to individual regimens, meaning you could choose more than one if it fit in for you. Of course, we always encourage talking to your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new regimen.

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Heart Attack Symptoms: Are Women and Men Different?

woman heart attackHeart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. But the commonplace portrayal of men clutching their arms and chests in a dramatic fashion may cause some confusion about what symptoms women experience.

Often, the attack may be much less obvious than the classic portrayal indicates. Consider the commonly discussed symptoms: An elephant on the chest. Pain in the left arm. Now consider that a heart attack may not present that way; that doesn’t make it any less important to get help fast.

To be sure you can get the right help during or after a heart attack, pay attention to these potential symptoms:

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