Your Pet’s Health and the Holidays

We could go on and on about which supplements to choose for stocking stuffers for everyone in your family this holiday season. Whether you’re searching for a last minute, healthy lifestyle gift for your mother, your best friend or your third cousin’s son, we could point you in the right direction.

But today, we want to give some love to the other members of our family—our pets.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency: How Does it Affect My Body?

From food sources to absorption, from individual biology to recognizing symptoms, we’ve got a lot to talk about when we talk about B12 deficiency. B12, though, is crucial to our bodies’ healthy function—so it’s worth the conversation.

vitamin b12 deficiencyHow do you recognize if you’re experiencing a deficiency? How do you supplement or adjust your diet? And what will your body endure if you don’t make a change?

Read on to find out.

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You Can Manage Your Headaches Naturally – Yes, Even Migraines

Multiple triggers. Multiple drugs. Multiple yucky side effects. Multiple migraines.

How do you break the severe headache cycle without introducing prescriptions into your routine?

Our first tip: Know your headache

Stress, lack of sleep, exposure to bright light, shift in weather or barometric pressure, certain foods, loud noises, and extreme temperatures can all be potential triggers for severe headaches.

Tip two: Stop them before they start.

In addition to recognizing triggers and avoiding them when possible, it also helps to pay close attention to the signs and symptoms as you feel a headache coming on, which allows you to take action before it becomes too painful.

Try these other options under your doctor’s supervision.

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MSM vs. Glucosamine: What’s the Difference?

bend and stretch!Rainy weather always makes me think about my elbows and knees, because I am one of many who experience joint pain before the storm rolls in.

Though a subject of contention, barometric pressure’s effect on joint comfort isn’t the focus of this post. It can still serve as a reminder that joint health is multifaceted; genetics, acidity, candidiasis, heavy metals and exercise can all contribute to the relative wellness of the joint and surrounding synovial fluids.

This post is about the differences between two of the most popular joint support supplements available: MSM and Glucosamine.

Joint formulas often include both ingredients, offering more comprehensive support. But if you want to stick to a single ingredient option, here’s what you need to know.

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Introducing Krill+ with Supercritical Fish Oil

large_020099D.060A lot of people have gripes about taking omegas. We know the supportive benefits, but don’t want a fishy burp, a GMO product, or a smelly capsule. Or, we can’t find a product that has omega and phospholipid levels to our liking.

Krill+ is the end to our search for the ideal omega formula. Why?

It’s got a couple of things going for it. It’s soy free. It’s gluten free. It’s made with non-GMO ingredients. It’s Krill oil plus supercritical concentrated fish oil.

That means we wanted to pack in phospholipids and omega 3 fatty acids, so we added extra fish oil to the krill oil to create the formula.

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Supplementing During Cancer Treatment

21547222_lWhen we talk about supplements, we never indicate that they can treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any diseases. We don’t say: This pill right here will change your body! We say: This supplement will support your body’s normal processes.*

So what happens when those normal processes change as the result of treatments? Good news: supplements can still offer you support, no matter where your body has led you.*

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Thinking about Supplements? Talk to your Chiropractor!

If you’ve ever been to the chiropractor then you know just how satisfying and fulfilling your5631349_l time there can be. Why not extend your experience with holistic care beyond the office? There’s an easy way: Just talk to your chiropractor about supplementation.

There are many supplements that could fit on your chiropractor’s office shelf—and in your cabinet for support when you’re far from the office. Here are our five top choices for those you should mention:

1) Disc-Discovery®

We are huge fans of this supplement because of how specific to spinal health it is. DaVinci formulated Disc-Discovery® to support the health of the spine and the intervertebral discs.* It contains 14 synergistic nutrients that focus on the synthesis and restorative processes of spinal connective tissue.* With bovine tracheal cartilage, manganese, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients, this formula is a cut above the rest.

2) Serenity Now

This delicious chewable is one of DaVinci’s most popular supplements to support stress management. It’s fast acting, so I chew one tablet about 15 minutes before something nerve-wracking. Serenity Now features l-theanine (Suntheanine® brand) and Lactium®, which work synergistically to support relaxation and better concentration.* Every chiropractic office should have this in quick supply – and if your doc doesn’t, but you want it, it’s a perfect addition to your talking-points list!

3) Perna® Plus

DaVinci’s been working with Perna for over 35 years. Perna is a green-lipped mussel from New Zealand that supports joint function.* We include the whole food organism in our supplements, so all of the health-building factors are present in the Perna® Plus formula.* Plus, there’s added DMG, MSM, glucosamine and manganese to support mobility and comfort.* That should capture your doc’s attention!

4) Mega Probiotic-ND™

We know by now how significantly gut health impacts your mental states and other bodily processes. We also know that to truly receive holistic care, you must care for all parts of your body, as each piece is so integrated. That’s why Mega Probiotic-ND™  is an ideal supplement for your chiropractor to provide.

With multiple, varied strains of live bacteria and prebiotics, as well as 15 billion colony-forming units per serving, this capsule product has it all. It supports digestive health and regularity, as well as a normal microbiota balance.*

5) Enz-Flame™

Enz-Flame™ includes 13 synergistic ingredients to support overall joint and muscle comfort, especially that associated with aches and pains due to overexertion.*

If you’re active and looking for added support for comfort and flexibility, this is the perfect drink mix to mention at your next appointment.

Enz-Flame™ is a sure bet.* The formula has a few stars and supporting characters, but Cetyl Myristoleate takes the lead. CMO supports cell membrane lubrication and joint comfort.*

Have you ever spoken with your chiropractor about beginning a supplement regimen? Does your chiropractor already provide this guidance? Share your story on our Facebook page.



Understanding Lead and PCB Warnings on Nutritional Supplements

By Ashley Watson

perna-proIf you use DaVinci® Laboratories products, you may have noticed a warning on the label that reads, “This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of CA to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.” Or you may have seen a similar statement about PCBs. DaVinci® Labs does not intentionally add these chemicals to any of our products, but our sales reps get calls daily about these warnings and why we would add these chemicals.

The simple answer is that we decided to add these warnings due to a law passed in California in 1986, commonly known as Proposition 65. Read on to learn more about this law and our warnings.

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Chiropractic Supplements: The 5 Every Practice Should Stock

By Karin Krisher

chiropractic supplementsToday, I’ve got chiropractic care on the brain. Why? My coworkers insist seeing a chiropractor was the best thing they ever did—and we’ve been chatting about it all day.

Because we at DaVinci are huge advocates of chiropractic care and supplements, we often find places where the two connect. In fact, we’ve designed formulas specific to chiropractic care for your patients. DaVinci presents: Our top 5 supplements for the chiropractor’s shelves….and patients. If we’ve left any out, tell us on our Facebook page!


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