3 Ways Stress Affects Your Digestion

If you’ve ever had a bad day that sent your stomach into turmoil, or felt sick with fear, you’ve definitely experienced the stress-digestion link.

5001349_lThose experiences aren’t just normal. They can be educational, too. Knowing how stress can affect your bodily processes should help you minimize digestive issues through addressing the major stressors in your environment.

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Go Confidently


On this day in 1976, the Space Shuttle Enterprise was unveiled. As the first shuttle, its construction paved the way for future spaceflight and exploration – despite the fact that it was incapable of spaceflight itself.

As NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao stated, “the shuttle, to me, represents a triumph and remains to this day a technological marvel.”

How will you triumph today? What will you imagine?


How To Buy The Right Pillow

sleep Have you heard of the shoe test for determining the quality of your pillow? You fold your (usually polyester) pillow in half, put a shoe on top, and if the pillow kicks off the shoe, it can stick around. If the pillow stays down – time to ditch it.

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Diet and Exercise: The Duo We Love to Hate Part 2

Last week we talked about some of the benefits of exercise, and how you can take advantage of your personal passions to fit fitness into your routine. This week, we’ll cover weight management, supplements, and some great tips for how to stay on track.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight
It’s hard not to come across headlines about the obesity epidemic in the United States. Everything we do is physically easier now, compared to even a decade ago. Our need for being physical has decreased dramatically. We have remotes for TV, the Web for our shopping and social networking sites for hours of sitting and surfing. With only 24 hours in the day, we sometimes find making time for physical activity difficult. The war of the waistline is a difficult road, a day-to-day battle.

20761277_lYour physician will be a great source of advice for your specific goals. Know your numbers: height, weight, BMI, cholesterol (good and bad) and blood pressure. Have a realistic goal and take steps each day to reach it. Even small changes will show major results.

Take Heart
Science tells us that a loss of one pound of human fat is equal to a deficient 3,500 calories. Experts advise that for those who are looking to lose fat, one to two pounds per week is realistic. The math is simple: 500 fewer calories a day equals one pound of weight loss per week. A calorie deficit will lead to weight loss – no mystery.

Surf the Internet for five minutes and you know you’ll be bombarded with ads for the latest diet fad. It can be hard not to jump on the  bandwagon. Each week, it seems, Dr. Wizard or the national talk show hosts are praising the latest find in melting away those unwanted pounds. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Think twice before giving your credit card number in return for the latest and greatest ‘miracle’ weight loss pill.

Many people will experience a more rapid weight loss the first few weeks and attribute it to loss of water and get discouraged. When we cut our calories, our bodies use the store of glycogen in our livers and muscle tissue for energy. Glycogen is a mixture of carbohydrate and water. So, while some of the weight is water, you can bet that some is that stubborn fat too.

Most adults take some form of nutritional supplements, whether to support digestion (like our Digenzyme™) or to support bone health, (with our Calcium Citrate Plus).* A multiple vitamin and mineral formula is a good way to give your body a range of nutrients. Supplements should never be taken in the place of food, but as an addition to a healthy diet. Many of my lady coworkers have a daily routine of taking their Spectra™ Woman tablets, myself included.  Always consult your doctor as to which supplements will give you the best support.*                                                                       


Be a Note Taker
March 2010 President Obama signed a bill into law that affects restaurant chains and their consumers. Now required to post calorie information on their menus and drive-through signs, chomping down a 660 calorie Whopper from Burger King just lost its fun.
We tend to underestimate the number of calories in foods and overestimate the number of calories we burn when exercising. When we’re asked to write down and review everything we eat and drink in a day, we’re often surprised how quickly unwanted calories add up. A handful of candy in the afternoon, a bowl of chips during TV time – it all adds up, and quickly.

So what’s the secret to a healthy body, mind, and weight? Unfortunately, there is no secret. A diet comprising mainly of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and a moderate amount of fat (and lots of water) along with regular exercise is the tried and true, proven method. You won’t need to spend another dime to find the Holy Grail of well-being. You already knew the answer.

How DMG and Perna Work Together

By Ashley Watson

Green-lipped-mussellMany of our product descriptions on our website and sell sheets use the word, “synergistic,” to describe how the ingredients work together. While many people may understand the basic definition of synergy, the people who are interested in our products may not fully understand how we have specifically designed our products with ingredients work together to provide the end result. The combination of Perna and DMG is a perfect example, and you can read a little about that in this recent blog post. This week, we explain how we choose the ingredients in a joint health supplement that is carefully designed to be the sum of its parts.

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Understanding Lead and PCB Warnings on Nutritional Supplements

By Ashley Watson

perna-proIf you use DaVinci® Laboratories products, you may have noticed a warning on the label that reads, “This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of CA to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.” Or you may have seen a similar statement about PCBs. DaVinci® Labs does not intentionally add these chemicals to any of our products, but our sales reps get calls daily about these warnings and why we would add these chemicals.

The simple answer is that we decided to add these warnings due to a law passed in California in 1986, commonly known as Proposition 65. Read on to learn more about this law and our warnings.

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The Combination of DMG and Perna for Bone Health

adk-supplementBy Ashley Watson

In the last two weeks, we posted a two-part blog post about bone health based on an interview we were invited to partake in for Whole Foods Magazine. Last week, we discussed compliance and trending supplements. This week, we would like to discuss our own unique bone health supplement. DaVinci® Laboratories, we pioneered the use of N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) in nutritional supplements, and over the years, DaVinci® has received several patents for DMG’s beneficial effect in the areas of immune response and cell support. This week, we discuss the combination of DMG with Perna for bone health support, along with the importance of education when choosing a bone health supplement.

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Bone Health Feature: Part II

By Ashley Watson

Man-holding vitaminsLast week, we posted Part I of the complete interview we participated in for a Bone Health article in Whole Foods Magazine. This week we are posted Part II of the two-part blog. Next week, we will talk about the combination of DMG and Perna and how that makes a unique bone health supplement. Read on to learn more about compliance with products, bone health trends, and consumer education.

WFM: Is consistency/compliance, or sticking long-term to bone health supplements a problem for consumers? How can consumers be convinced to stick with supplements in an area where they may never feel/experience the benefits? Is it the job of supplement makers to make products easy/enjoyable to take? Is education about bone health risks the answer.

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