Chiropractic Care for Children

By Karin Krisher

chiropractic care for childrenChiropractic care can be scary the first time. But the fear wouldn’t exist if people were experiencing its benefits throughout life. Chiropractic care for children is on the up and up, and there are few good reasons why.

Many parents have their child see a chiropractor right after birth, as the trauma of the birthing process can cause both misalignment and nerve issues. While the child grows and learns to hold up its head and sit up, then crawl and walk, he or she could use chiropractic care to develop proper alignment from the get-go.

Further, chiropractic care isn’t quite the same for children as it is for adults. As parents, your clients might be wary of introducing their children to the procedures involved; a cracking neck wouldn’t sound or feel as good if it were your child’s and not your own. Assure your clients that adjustments are not the same. Pediatric chiropractors mostly work on cartilage and directed alignment, helping children learn.

Regular activities like biking, swimming and running can cause subluxations. If neglected, health can suffer over time. The rapid growth of the body during childhood is a perfect reason why your clients should know about the option of pediatric adjustment.

Parents often seek out pediatric chiropractic care because of concern about another condition (aside from misalignment). Colic, asthma, behavioral issues, headaches and ear infections are common reasons to introduce children to chiropractic care. Of course, it’s important for all parents to have a clear understanding that chiropractors aren’t treating disease; they’re checking the child for misalignments that can have an impact on total wellness through impacting the nervous and immune systems.

Talk to your patients about chiropractic care, and mention pediatrics. This area of healthcare is often under utilized, and you can be the doc to make a difference.

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