Do You Believe In Medical Record Transparency?

By Karin Krisher

We know that many of our customers (you!) focus on naturopathy, chiropractic care or other forms of alternative medicine. But we still think there is much to be learned about managing a practice and your patients’ care from classic hospital docs. That’s why we highly recommend checking out current studies and new information about doctor/patient relationships that may not directly apply to your specialty.

We ran across an article today about openness; specifically, about medical record transparency. We wanted to greatly encourage you to read this article, as a mere blog post synopsis can’t do all of the information justice.

We also wanted your feedback. What do you think about medical record transparency? Are you for or against it? And why? Many doctor subjects of the studies discussed here were once afraid of that transparency, and discovered their fears were unfounded. Have you ever had an experience like this in your practice?

We know that the world of medicine is ever-evolving, and want to get the conversation started about this critical subject. Tell us your thoughts in a comment!