Healthy Aging with Resvera-DMG’s Support

man walking antioxidantsAge. It’s a fact of life. And the little health concerns that come along with it are all part of the ride.

But there are ways to support your body’s health as you age, and one of those ways is through talking to your health care practitioner about adding Resvera-DMG(™) to your supplement regimen.*

What’s Resvera-DMG(™)? 

In short: It’s a new formula with patented ingredients to support a healthy inflammatory response and normal methylation for recycling of homocysteine.

At length?

It’s a combination of two ingredients. One, Resverasyn®, a patented resveratrol, offers support for a healthy inflammatory response.*

The other, DMG, supports the methylation cycle, a process in your body that allows you to recycle a harmful substance, homocysteine, into methionine.* This process keeps the body in a high state of transmethylation, where molecules move methyl groups between one another, one compound transferring the group to another.

DMG supports detoxification, circulation, lactic acid management, the immune system, and the production of some key factors in health, such as enzymes, antibodies and neurotransmitters.*

Through supporting the two processes, Resvera-DMG(™) offers support for brain function, joint and bone health, metabolic function, cardiac wellness, muscle performance and of course, healthy aging.*

There’s also something quite special about the Resverasyn®. It’s formulated differently, to support absorption and utilization by the body.*

The formulating processes are called micronization and encapsulation. Micronization reduces the particle to a size where it could be easily absorbed, and encapsulation gives the particle a coating that protects the bioactive resveratrol from deterioration. It also helps increase the distribution of the molecule to affected tissues. For resveratrol to offer full support for a normal inflammatory response and free radical scavenging, it should be in a bioavailable form.*

If you want comprehensive support from your resveratrol supplement, you’ve found the right combination. To learn more about Resvera-DMG(™), find a practitioner near you here.