Herbal Supplements And Labeling: Truth Matters

truth label herbal supplementsAt DaVinci, we are believers that our customers have choices. When a company doesn’t tell the truth about what’s inside their supplements, those choices become less and less informed.

Perhaps more bothersome is that they become choices based on deceit, rather than honesty. Because we believe in choice, we believe in a simple concept called “truth in labeling.”

What exactly does that mean? It means that we list everything (and we mean everything) in our supplements right on their labels.

We don’t hide anything. We don’t leave out warnings or believe that not including one ingredient or naming the wrong ingredient is beneficial to our customers — so we don’t do those things, either.

When you are choosing supplements, look for a company that truly stands behind its commitment to sharing the facts on each label, for each product. When you consider the recent news about several large corporations not meeting their label claims on herbal supplements, you see that a commitment to truth is a number one requirement of any company you choose.

What are your thoughts on today’s news about herbal supplement labeling? Share in a comment!