How Will You Keep the Holidays Healthy?

6107406_lAs the holiday season approaches, you might be worrying about a lot of things. Maybe staying healthy isn’t on the list. But not being healthy certainly makes managing the rest of the list difficult.

In honor of all the hectic fun yet to come, here are our tips for keeping your body feeling well throughout.

1. Moderation

There are very simple ways to avoid overeating during the holidays. One is to make a rule that you can feel OK about turning down something delicious. It won’t be the only time you’ll have to do this in life. Another rule: If you’re accepting samples left and right, ask yourself if you’re actually hungry, or if your eyes are deceiving you. Treating each decision like a decision is a good way to help yourself lean toward the difficult choice: moderation.

2.    Stick to a Schedule

This tip can be hard to follow, because the holidays facilitate plans changing without your consent. Merely commit to doing what you can to stick to your schedule. Use motivators—if you have a dog that needs to be walked, walk it at normal times, go as far as you always do, and feel good about excusing yourself to do so. If your gym is closed or you are traveling, make a commitment to stretch and walk every day at a certain time. Getting other people involved will keep you all accountable.

3.    Be Mindful

Monitoring yourself is incredibly useful in the quest for health. During the prep and the celebration, make it a point to check in with you every hour. How are you feeling? Do you need time alone to process all of the stimuli of the holiday? Make time.

If stress is getting the best of you, it will likely get the best of your immune system. Address that part of your health with a supplement regimen involving immune system and stress management support formulas.

4.    Talk it Out

Staying healthy during the holidays can be a real struggle if you feel excluded. But here’s the dirty little secret of holiday gatherings: there’s a good chance everyone else feels the same way! No one wants to over indulge, but no one wants to miss out.

Talking to your family and friends about your efforts is a good way to get them to join in. Perhaps you can each bring one healthy adaptation of a traditional Thanksgiving dish, or come up with a physical activity (like football) that you can all do earlier in the day.

It can be a lot of work to feel good at the end of the holiday season. The excitement’s over and the negatives are taking their toll. Don’t let that happen this time around. Make your own list of tips to make your month personally healthy, and share your best ones with your family to help them, too.

Have a healthy, happy holiday.