Humans and Animals: Closer Than Ever?

By Karin Krisher

humans and animalsDid you know about the completion of the canine genome map? It happened in 2005. We hope you were paying attention, because the rest of the world wasn’t—or at least, we didn’t seem to understand the implications of the breakthrough. Luckily for average Josephines like myself, the American Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association were paying attention and came together in 2006 to adopt a new mindset about medical care for humans and animals.

The organizations recognized that “about 60 percent of all diseases move across species and that environmental pollution, animal diseases and human diseases constitute a single interlocking problem.” The mindset, called “one health” or “one medicine,” is changing the way physicians and veterinarians think about working together.

And that’s changing medicine. Where advancements in the two (animal and human medicine) have manifested 10 to 20 years apart in the past, today they happen around the same time.

DaVinci understands the commonalities between the two areas of health. To that end, we’ve worked closely with Research and Development to create products in our line that support companion animal wellness. Our line includes supplements like Joint Support and Serenity Now for Cats and for Dogs.

If you haven’t thought about your options for supporting companion animal health, perhaps there’s no better time than in this emerging era of cross-discipline information sharing.

Learn more about the changing face of medicine with this article—reading until the end helped us grasp the full power of these changes.

Have you ever worked side-by-side with a veterinarian? How did the experience match up to your expectations? Tell us in a comment!