Introducing Krill+ with Supercritical Fish Oil

large_020099D.060A lot of people have gripes about taking omegas. We know the supportive benefits, but don’t want a fishy burp, a GMO product, or a smelly capsule. Or, we can’t find a product that has omega and phospholipid levels to our liking.

Krill+ is the end to our search for the ideal omega formula. Why?

It’s got a couple of things going for it. It’s soy free. It’s gluten free. It’s made with non-GMO ingredients. It’s Krill oil plus supercritical concentrated fish oil.

That means we wanted to pack in phospholipids and omega 3 fatty acids, so we added extra fish oil to the krill oil to create the formula.

That fish oil undergoes a process of CO2 extraction that doesn’t include hexane or ethanol. Avoiding this allows us to provide the purity, bioavailability, concentration and stability we aim for in product development. Extracting omega-3 using this method protects the oil from contamination with microorganism and from oxidation.

Krill+ with SUPERCRITICAL FISH OIL Supports:

• Healthy cardiovascular function*
• Joint health*
• Cognitive support*

So this new Krill+ has added fish oil extracted with a process designed to promote quality. But what else does it have?

Added supercritical concentrated astaxanthin.

From a freshwater species of algae, astaxanthin helps manage oxidative stress and supports a healthy inflammatory response. It also supports the immune system for overall wellness.*

Astaxanthin supports:

• The management of oxidative stress*
• A healthy inflammatory response*
• Cardiovascular health*
• Exercise and recovery*
• Eye and heart health*
• Immune system function*
• Skin health*
• Nervous system support*

Another excellent feature of our new Krill+: It’s IFOS and IKOS certified, which means that the third party certification programs known as International Fish Oil Standards and International Krill Oil Standards have reviewed and accredited the product.

IKOS is specific to Krill. Products that meet label claim for omega 3 and meet the standards for environmental contaminants set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization are eligible.

The same is true for IFOS, except in this instance, the products must also meet label claim for EPA and DHA. Further, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 also helps create the standards (in addition to CRN and WHO).

Whoa. We know that was a lot of info. But when it comes to supplements, it’s best to know the process behind the product formula. If you’ve still got questions about our newest addition to the DaVinci family, just reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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