Mindfulness: The Root of Wellness

ring the bells

Mindfulness is a buzzword, sure. But it’s also so much more.

As we wrote back in 2012, mindfulness is all about being present.

It’s not about being comfortable when you are all alone in a room. (Though that is still important.) It is about being able to be fully in the moment and aware of the moment. It is about acknowledging the distractions that might remove you from the moment, and being open to both having and reflecting on the experience, rather than simply regarding it as one average event in a string of many.

It’s not easy to achieve, but a one-step-at-a-time philosophy can truly help. The funny thing about acceptance and mindfulness is that they require you to use acceptance and mindfulness to cultivate them in your life.

How do you accept the cracks? How do you let the light in?

One moment at a time.