Organic Brown Rice Protein: Something To Write Home About

By Karin Krisher

As your resident blogger, I don’t usually do the product recap thing. I try to keep it educational—the point of this blog is to start conversations and help your patients—not to tell you what to do, buy, or think. But this time around, I can’t help myself. This product is one you and your patients should definitely have on the radar.

I might be a resident blogger, but I’m also a resident fitness buff, and our new product is right up my alley. DaVinci’s Organic Brown Rice Protein is on sale today, ready to be mixed and loved.

What makes it so special?

In short? Everything. Brown rice is so commonly known as a starch that it might be hard to wrap your head around the idea of it as a complete protein with a complete amino acid profile. But that’s what DaVinci has created, through a low temperature, hexane free extraction process, wherein the carbohydrates are fermented away and the protein is here to stay.

To that end, each serving provides 22 grams of high quality, vegetarian protein to support muscle metabolism and cellular structure.* In addition, each scoop also includes 5 grams of fiber to support digestion and proper toxin elimination, thereby supporting proper absorption of the many nutrients in this formula.* (All with only 140 calories!)

There are two other features of DaVinci’s Organic Brown Rice Protein that might also spark your patients’ curiosity: It contains non dairy probiotics and offers a complete amino acid profile to support all areas of wellness.*

The non dairy probiotics are important because protein requires efficient breakdown in order to play its role in supporting health.* Probiotics support normal microflora growth and nutrient absorption and breakdown, to help your patients get the most of every nutrient available.*

Wait—There’s More!

The benefits of including a complete amino acid profile are endless. Rice protein is known for its high content of cysteine and methionine. When the body metabolizes cysteine, it produces glutathione, the master antioxidant in the body. Methionine can be converted to both SAMe and glutathione, helping to support detoxification, proper elimination of toxins, mood, joint health and more.*

Organic Brown Rice Protein also contains several other essential amino acids, including valine to support muscle growth, normal glucose levels and the transport of excess nitrogen from the liver to other body tissues as needed. *

Further, an advanced amino acid profile may support weight management and the provision of energy directly to muscle tissues.*

Is there anything this protein doesn’t have? Sure! It’s missing all the artificial flavors and added sugars of other products on the market. Give it a try today and let us know what you (and your patients) think in a comment!