Herbal Supplements And Labeling: Truth Matters

truth label herbal supplementsAt DaVinci, we are believers that our customers have choices. When a company doesn’t tell the truth about what’s inside their supplements, those choices become less and less informed.

Perhaps more bothersome is that they become choices based on deceit, rather than honesty. Because we believe in choice, we believe in a simple concept called “truth in labeling.”

What exactly does that mean? It means that we list everything (and we mean everything) in our supplements right on their labels.

We don’t hide anything. We don’t leave out warnings or believe that not including one ingredient or naming the wrong ingredient is beneficial to our customers — so we don’t do those things, either.

When you are choosing supplements, look for a company that truly stands behind its commitment to sharing the facts on each label, for each product. When you consider the recent news about several large corporations not meeting their label claims on herbal supplements, you see that a commitment to truth is a number one requirement of any company you choose.

What are your thoughts on today’s news about herbal supplement labeling? Share in a comment!

Homocysteine Explained

homocysteine and heart healthHeart health is a hot topic – this February and always—in Western medical culture.

There’s a certain four-syllabled amino acid that greatly impacts those conversations, but it’s likely many of them never even include the word. That word is: Homocysteine.

What is Homocysteine?

Homocysteine is a non-protein amino acid. Our bodies can recycle homocysteine into methionine or convert it to cysteine when aided by specified B vitamins.

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Your Heart Health and A•D•K

heart health Heart Health Month is nearly here, and there are constant reminders for us everywhere in the shape of unhealthy treats in red boxes. The good news is there are supplements to support your heart health that go beyond and above the normal supplement beat. Case in point: A•D•K.

The supportive benefits of this synergistically formulated supplement are hard to overstate. One of its foremost actions involves bone health support through the vitamins’ relationships to each other and to calcium utilization.

But today we’re talking about heart health. How does A•D•K have anything to do with that?

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Interested in Medicinal Mushrooms? Here’s What You Should Know

Medicinal mushroomsFor centuries, Chinese, Egyptian and other cultures seriously interested in health (and the preservation of human health over time) have made use of medicinal mushrooms’ many benefits.

Today, we don’t have to simply trust anecdotal evidence about their effectiveness. Instead we have volumes of scientific research on the topic. Scientists have examined a variety of mushrooms for their effects on diseases like polio and hepatitis B, as well as HIV and influenza.


Some research has shown that mushrooms can have antiviral and antibacterial properties, lending credibility to the idea that they have the power to prevent serious illnesses.

Specifically, there are seven mushrooms that are known to have biologically active glucans, which help regulate your body’s natural defense system. This regulation provides a natural immune enhancer and modulator to help your immune system detect and fight against harmful antigens—without attacking normal cells within the body. Let’s review the seven:

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What’s the Best Multivitamin for Me?

By Toria Cornett, ATC, CSCS

multivitamin choiceRecent research from the American Medical Association found that over half our population is currently taking a multivitamin.  Multivitamins are over a $4 billion per year industry!

But the success of the industry doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a debate over multis. Is it necessary for you to take one? Is it a waste? What is the best multivitamin for you? These questions constantly wander through the conversations of nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and even those not involved in the industry.

A lot of folks agree that those people who are prone to have a deficiency should consider taking a multivitamin. But the general consensus is that you can obtain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients from eating a balanced diet. Ninety percent of Americans think they are eating a ‘healthy diet,’ but 68% of Americans are overweight!

How many of us are actually eating a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet?  There is little debate that the elderly, pregnant women, vegetarians and individuals with certain health conditions should take a multivitamin. But if you don’t fall into one of these categories, what’s the necessity?

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How to Stop Drinking Soda for Good

8855510_lStop drinking soda. It will be the best decision you’ve made in a long time, guaranteed. Here’s how you can do it.

When you drink soda, you are, more often than not, a soda drinker.That’s because both the sugar and the caffeine in soda are addictive substances, and caffeine is actually a drug.

Even diet soda has potential to be addictive. That also means it’s hard to quit. It’s not just something you do from time to time—instead, it’s a habit that can become entwined with your identity. Recent results of a study of patients at four different health centers prove how drinking soda linked to other lifestyle factors.

And quitting anything like that (smoking, soda, alcohol) is an uphill battle. But you can do it. Many people recommend quitting cold turkey: making the this-moment-right-here-right-now-as-we-speak-immediately-and-forevermore choice to never take a sip of soda again. If you can do that, do.

It’s likely also beneficial to speak with your doctor about the process. If he or she doesn’t ask, you can bring it up at your next appointment.

No matter how you choose to stop drinking soda, these tips should help.

How to Stop Drinking Soda in 5 Steps

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Is a Standing Desk Right for Me?

standing deskYou’ve no doubt heard the buzz about how terrible sitting is for your body, and about stand up desks, but have you really considered the many benefits and possible downfalls of working on your feet? Read on for our list of the top benefits of standing desks.

Using a standing desk:

• Eases back pain caused by sitting all day

• Helps maintain focus and mental stamina

• Increases productivity

• Increases energy levels

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