Why You Can’t Miss Out On Olive Leaf Extract

olive leaf extractEvery time I mention olive leaf extract to my friends, I get a weird look.

“Like…olives?” they inevitably ask.

Not quite, but close. Olive leaf extract.

Then I have to explain why I brought it up in the first place. Here’s why: I fully believe in it for detoxification and immune system support.* Whenever someone mentions getting sick or needed to recharge, that’s where my head goes.

And I fully believe in it for quite a few reasons.

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Your Pet’s Health and the Holidays

We could go on and on about which supplements to choose for stocking stuffers for everyone in your family this holiday season. Whether you’re searching for a last minute, healthy lifestyle gift for your mother, your best friend or your third cousin’s son, we could point you in the right direction.

But today, we want to give some love to the other members of our family—our pets.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency: How Does it Affect My Body?

From food sources to absorption, from individual biology to recognizing symptoms, we’ve got a lot to talk about when we talk about B12 deficiency. B12, though, is crucial to our bodies’ healthy function—so it’s worth the conversation.

vitamin b12 deficiencyHow do you recognize if you’re experiencing a deficiency? How do you supplement or adjust your diet? And what will your body endure if you don’t make a change?

Read on to find out.

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Gallstones Don’t Belong At Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Emergency room on thanksgivingER trips on Thanksgiving and Christmas are surprisingly common. Even more surprising is the cause.

Often, the visits aren’t because of a sliced thumb attained while carving the bird, or a bout of food poisoning from spoiled milk.

Instead, they’re the result of some serious upper abdominal pain that’s caused by gallstones that have formed over months or years.

Gallstones are believed to be the result of over-consumption of fats and refined sugars, as well as bacterial imbalances caused by lack of nutritive intake and dehydration.

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You Can Manage Your Headaches Naturally – Yes, Even Migraines

Multiple triggers. Multiple drugs. Multiple yucky side effects. Multiple migraines.

How do you break the severe headache cycle without introducing prescriptions into your routine?

Our first tip: Know your triggers.man headache

Stress, lack of sleep, exposure to bright light, shift in weather or barometric pressure, certain foods, loud noises, and extreme temperatures can all be potential triggers for severe headaches.

Tip two: Stop them before they start.

In addition to recognizing triggers and avoiding them when possible, it also helps to pay close attention to the signs and symptoms as you feel a headache coming on, which allows you to take action before it becomes too painful.

Try these other options under your doctor’s supervision.

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Your Winter Running Prep List

winter run Winter is practically at our doorstep and we’d love to stay inside by the fire. But a love for fitness has a way of trumping even our deepest desire for creature comforts, leading us to leave the doorstep in the flurries.

If your routine won’t quit when abysmal weather arrives, here’s what you need to know to prep for winter running:

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6 Reasons We Still Love Chocolate

MSM vs. Glucosamine: What’s the Difference?

bend and stretch!Rainy weather always makes me think about my elbows and knees, because I am one of many who experience joint pain before the storm rolls in.

Though a subject of contention, barometric pressure’s effect on joint comfort isn’t the focus of this post. It can still serve as a reminder that joint health is multifaceted; genetics, acidity, candidiasis, heavy metals and exercise can all contribute to the relative wellness of the joint and surrounding synovial fluids.

This post is about the differences between two of the most popular joint support supplements available: MSM and Glucosamine.

Joint formulas often include both ingredients, offering more comprehensive support. But if you want to stick to a single ingredient option, here’s what you need to know.

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