Why You Can’t Miss Out On Olive Leaf Extract

olive leaf extractEvery time I mention olive leaf extract to my friends, I get a weird look.

“Like…olives?” they inevitably ask.

Not quite, but close. Olive leaf extract.

Then I have to explain why I brought it up in the first place. Here’s why: I fully believe in it for detoxification and immune system support.* Whenever someone mentions getting sick or needed to recharge, that’s where my head goes.

And I fully believe in it for quite a few reasons.

In 2005, a measurement of the free-radical fighting capacity of a liquid extract (made directly from fresh olive leaves) found it to be almost double that of green tea extract and 400% higher than that of vitamin C.

Another reason to stand behind a product like Olivir™15: anecdotally, it’s the best.

Just the facts:

Olive leaf extract works against unwanted materials in your body (think toxins) by stimulating your own protective cells to ingest them, but not suppress the immune system or hurt the body’s beneficial flora in doing so.*

It’s one of the most useful, natural, immune supportive herbal extracts discovered to date. Its component Oleuropein has been found to be effective against a broad spectrum of unwanted materials in clinical studies.

It supports:

• immune system response*

• detoxification*

• free radical fighting*

While there aren’t any adverse effects known to be associated with the extract, sometimes, people do experience headache, fatigue and similar issues when taking the supplement – as a result of the detoxification process. It’s so effective that it’s possible Olivir™15 is freeing up the unwanted materials more quickly than our body can eliminate them.

If you’re interested in purchasing Olivir™15 (and we definitely suggest it after a chat with your practitioner about your current regimen), click here.