Your Pet’s Health and the Holidays

We could go on and on about which supplements to choose for stocking stuffers for everyone in your family this holiday season. Whether you’re searching for a last minute, healthy lifestyle gift for your mother, your best friend or your third cousin’s son, we could point you in the right direction.

But today, we want to give some love to the other members of our family—our pets.

pet supplements holidaAnd guess what? This post will point you toward the perfect stocking stuffers for them, too.

It’s an undeniable truth: the health of the human species is closely related to the health of the other species around us. That’s why DaVinci carries a line of pet health support supplements designed to support total health in cats and dogs – who we happen to hang around quite often.

How is my health related to my pet’s health?

Not only can certain illnesses be transmitted from our pets to us, but attitudes can be transmitted from us to our pets, too. Similarly, when either of the pair is stressed (or unhealthy), the other will most likely be under the weather as well.

First, we can catch illnesses from our pets, either through an infected scratch, a fungal spread from mere petting, or through getting some nasty litter box dirt underneath our nails. That concern is pretty obvious.

But the less obvious health benefits of having a pet include improving human cognition to lowering human stroke risk.  They are also known to help support our positive mood states.

In fact, National Public Radio has reported that recent “studies have been focusing on the fact that interacting with animals can increase people’s level of the hormone oxytocin.”

How can I support my pet’s health?

If you love your pet but don’t often consider the great impact of their health on your own, or yours on theirs, you may not have run across some of the best tools available to help support their health—yet.

For example, when you invite 10 relatives over for a holiday dinner, it might stress out your cat. When a cat is stressed out, he might get aggressive or participate in excessive urine marking, consequently causing more stress for you, and him, which we all know can be detrimental to health.

Try a tool like our Serenity Now for both you and your pet (after talking to a vet and doc, of course), to support calming and relaxation when the environment becomes just too much to handle.*

For daily wellness, stick a multivitamin chew like Spectra Dog in your pup’s stocking. And for digestive health support (which we could all use during the holidays), try Probiotic for Dogs and Cats.

Check out our full line of supplements to support pet health here. And remember, a healthy, happy pet means a healthy, happy holiday.