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Kids' Health

We care so much about children that we created a line of supplements just for kids called Little DaVinci. These kids’ supplements address health issues that worry parents the most.* Find out how to make your little ones calmer, healthier, and happier.*

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Kids' Health
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  1. MIGRASHIELD* (30)
    A dietary supplement that supports the tone of blood vessels in the head.* Learn More
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    Keeping your child feeling well is probably your top priority, especially these days.* That’s why Little DaVinci formulated immuni-z + elderberry, one of the most powerful immune supplements available.* Learn More
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  3. ENZ-FLAME KIDS™ (30)
    ENZ-FLAME KIDS™ (30)
    Little DaVinci’s enz-flame™ kids combines powerful ingredients that support muscle and joint comfort.* Learn More
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  4. CALM (50)
    CALM (50)
    Calm may help your little one settle their brain, relax, and get a better nights sleep.* Learn More
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    Chewable Kidbiotic is a great choice to maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in a child’s gut.* Learn More
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  6. KIDDOMEGA-3 (40)
    KIDDOMEGA-3 (40)
    kiddOmega-3 is a monk-fruit sweetened omega-3 liquid that’s easily added to food and drinks. Learn More
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    Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids in great tasting cherry flavored chewable tablets. Learn More
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  8. D-LIGHTFUL (30)
    D-LIGHTFUL (30)
    Little DaVinci’s d-lightful is a fun and great-tasting way for your child to get healthy amounts of vitamin D3. Learn More
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  9. Zinc
    IMMUNI-Z (60)
    A tasty lemon zinc lozenge that promotes healthy immune system function. * Learn More
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  10. FIZZY MAG™ (75)
    FIZZY MAG™ (75)
    A dietary supplement to support proper nerve and muscle functions.* Learn More
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  11. SLEEP TIGHT (1)
    A dietary supplement to support normal sleep.* Each serving contains 3 mg of the highest quality synthetic Melatonin in a liposomal delivery system. Learn More
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  12. MIGHTY VITE (30)
    MIGHTY VITE (30)
    A delicious, fruit-punch-flavored multivitamin that packs together critical nutrients to support your child’s health.* Learn More
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12 Items

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